Titles for Mobile Homes


Application is made to ADOR, effective January 1, 2017, for mobile homes and travel trailers less than 20 years old.

If mobile home is affixed to real property, and ownership of mobile home and real property is identical, owner may obtain cancellation of title to mobile home provided mobile home title; (2) certified copy of deed or conveyance instruments of real property; (3) affidavit certifying ownership interests; and (4) lien release forms are sent to ADOR.

Mobile homes and travel trailers more than 20 years old are not required to be titled.


No special requirements.


Must be titled with ADOT unless the mobile home is permanently affixed.

A mobile home consisting of 2 or more separate sections must have a title for each section.


An owner of a mobile home may license the home with the Office of Motor Vehicles.


Mobile homes that are not installed on a foundation system are subject to annual registration.


Certificates of title on mobile homes shall be signed by the director of the DOR. The title shall contain: the manufacturer and model of the mobile home, the date on which the home was first sold to the initial owner, a serial number, and a description of the home for identification purposes.




Every owner of a mobile home shall apply to the DMV for a placement permit for each mobile home he or she owns within 60 days after the mobile home is acquired or moved into this state, whichever is sooner.

When a mobile home, park trailer or house trailer is sold by a Delaware licensed mobile home dealer the dealer shall be responsible for immediately submitting the application for certificate of title, related documents and all fees to the DMV for the purpose of securing a title.

The DOT shall not transfer the title of a mobile home or house trailer to a new owner until all county taxes levied by the jurisdiction in which the trailer is located have been paid in full.

District of Columbia

Mobile home must be titled the same as motor vehicles.


Under Florida law, mobile homes are to be registered using the same process as a motor vehicle.


Owners of manufactured homes are required to obtain a motor vehicle certificate of title.

The purchaser of a manufactured home must submit a certificate stating that all ad valorem taxes assessed against the manufactured home have been paid.




Contact county assessor for information on mobile home titling and registration.


Mobile homes must be titled and include a description of the home.

The owner of a mobile home not located in a mobile home park shall, within 30 days after initial placement of such mobile home in any county and within 30 days after movement of such mobile home to a new location, file with the county recorder’s office a mobile home registration.

The registration must show the name and address of the owner and every occupant of the mobile home, the location of the mobile home, the year of manufacture, and the square feet of floor space contained in such mobile home together with the date that the mobile home became inhabited, was initially placed in the county, or was moved to a new location. Such registration shall also include the license number of such mobile home and of the towing vehicle, if there be any, and the state issuing such licenses.


A manufactured home that is personal property not held for resale or not attached to real estate by a permanent foundation must have a certificate of title.

When a manufactured home is attached to real estate by a permanent foundation the owner may apply for an affidavit of transfer to real estate with the Bureau.


The owner of a mobile home must submit a tax clearance form to show that no taxes are owed prior to obtaining the title.

A mobile home or manufactured home that is located outside a mobile home park is converted to real property by being placed on a permanent foundation. It will then be assessed for real estate taxes. The assessor will note the conversion on the face of the certificate of title and deliver it to the county treasurer for cancellation.

When a mobile home is reconverted from real property by adding a vehicular frame, the owner may apply for a bonded certificate of title.


To transfer ownership, the title must be assigned to the new owner. The seller must complete all information on the assignment except for the buyer’s printed name and signature.

If the seller does not have a title for the manufactured or mobile home he or she will need to obtain the title before transferring ownership.

A mobile or manufactured home cannot be sold on a bill of sale.

New mobile homes and house trailers are required to pay sales tax based on 60% of the purchase price prior to any trade in allowance.

Manufactured and mobile homes are required to be titled.


Mobile homes must be registered.

If a mobile home will not be operated upon the highways of the state, the owner must within 15 days apply for a certificate of title, but the owner need not apply for registration until the mobile home is to be operated on the highways of the state.


A purchaser of a mobile home must apply for a new certificate of title on or before the 20th day in which the mobile home has been delivered.


Mobile homes are exempt from titling if they are model year 2006 or older, multi-sectional, state-certified modular homes, or permanently affixed to real property owned by the owner of the mobile home within 30 days of the date of sale.


Mobile homes in excess of 35 feet are not subject to the inspection, titling, or registration laws of Maryland, however, they may be titled. The Motor Vehicle Administration does not collect excise tax when issuing a title, however, before the vehicle can be titled, the state retail sales tax must be paid, a receipt obtained and submitted with the application for title and other required documents.


Mobile homes must be registered.


Mobile homes are titled in Michigan. The title is identified as a “Certificate of Manufactured Home Ownership” or “Certificate of Mobile Home Title.”


Minnesota requires all mobile/manufactured homes to be licensed as a motor vehicle in lieu of paying a property tax. A manufactured home/mobile home title is transferred the same as a motor vehicle except that no excise tax is collected. Title fees and secured party fees are the same as for other transfers.


Mobile homes sold in Mississippi are to be titled as motor vehicles.

Application for certificate of title for a manufactured home or mobile home must include the name, current residence and mailing address of the owner, description of the manufactured or mobile home including year, make, model number, serial number and whether new or used, date of purchase by the applicant, name and address of the person from whom the vehicle was acquired, the names and addresses of any lienholders, an odometer disclosure statement made by the transferor, and a certified copy of the manufacturer’s statement of origin.


The owner of any new or used mobile home must make application to the Department of Revenue to title the mobile home.


A manufactured home is subject to the certificate of ownership requirements for a vehicle unless it has been declared an improvement to real property.

A manufactured home is considered an improvement to real property if the running gear is removed and it is attached to a permanent foundation on land that is owned or being purchased by the owner of the manufactured home or with the permission of the landowner.

To eliminate the certificate of ownership, the owner may file a statement of intent with the DOJ that includes: (1) the serial number of the manufactured home; (2) the legal description of the real property to which the home has been permanently attached; (3) a description of any liens; and (4) approval from all lienholders of the intent to eliminate the title.

Upon a transfer of any interest in a mobile home or house trailer, the application for the transfer must be made through the county treasurer’s office in the county in which the mobile home or house trailer is located at the time of transfer. The county treasurer may not accept the application unless all taxes, interest, and penalties assessed on the mobile home or house trailer have been paid in full.


All applications for a certificate of title for a mobile home shall be accompanied by a mobile home transfer statement prescribed by DPAT.


Mobile home titling is managed by the Manufactured Housing Division of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry.

New Hampshire

Manufactured homes are considered to be real estate.

New Jersey

A mobile home must be titled within 10 days of purchase or a penalty fee will apply.

The titling process for a mobile home is similar to titling a vehicle; however, mobile homes are exempt from registration and inspection.

Under certain conditions, used mobile homes are also exempt from sales tax.

New Mexico

Mobile homes must be titled and registered upon payment of property tax.

New York

A certificate of title is not required for a mobile home designated by the manufacturer as being a 1994 or earlier model year.

North Carolina

Mobile homes must be titled. Titling requires a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin.

Mobile homes sold by a dealer are subject to a 2% sales tax with a $300.00 maximum. The sales tax is due on each section of a doublewide mobile home. The sales tax is paid to the dealer who then reports it to the Department of Revenue. If the mobile home was purchased from an individual or someone other than a dealer, no tax is due.

A title will be issued in the new owner’s name and canceled when the vehicle is converted to real estate.

North Dakota

The Motor Vehicle Department issues certificates of title for mobile homes.

Any person who has purchased a mobile home and is applying for a title must present, with the application, a certified statement of the full consideration paid for the mobile home. The State Equalization Board uses the statement to generate a report used by the State Tax Commissioner to determine the proper assessment of mobile homes for tax purposes.


Application for a mobile home title must be made in the county of residence.

Titles must be obtained within 30 days of assignment, or a late fee will be assessed.

Processing a new mobile home title requires a completed application, a new mobile home Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO), the selling price, and all required fees.


Any person owning or purchasing a new or used manufactured home in Oklahoma shall obtain a certificate of title.

The application for certificate of title shall include the name of the owner; the serial or identification number of the manufactured home; a legal description or address of the location; and the actual retail selling price of the manufactured home, excluding taxes.

Upon receiving a proper application and payment of the required fees and ad valorem taxes, when applicable, the Tax Commission may issue a certificate of title, registration receipt and license plate and/or registration decal to the applicant.


Mobile homes (manufactured structures) are not titled by DMV. The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, Building Codes Division, maintains manufactured structure ownership records.


Mobile homes must be titled. There is a $50.00 fee.

If a mobile home or manufactured home that has been anchored to the ground to facilitate connection with electricity, water and sewerage and that has been previously titled and used as a residence is offered for sale or transfer, the transferor shall obtain a tax status certification from the Tax Claim Bureau of the county in which the home is situated, showing the real estate taxes due on the home as shown by the Tax Bureau records as of the date of the certification. This tax certification shall be provided to the transferee and PennDOT in conjunction with the transfer of ownership.

If a new mobile home or manufactured home is being titled using the Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MCO) as the proof of ownership, neither the tax status certification nor Form MV-16T is required.

Should taxes be due from the home, the transferor shall pay the delinquent real estate taxes in full or cause the taxes to be paid in full and an updated tax status certification must be obtained and provided to the transferee and PennDOT before the transfer is completed.

If the mobile home or manufactured home is not anchored to the ground to facilitate connections with electricity, water and sewerage or was not used as a residence, Form MV-16T, “Self-Certification of Exemption from Tax Status Certificate When Transferring Ownership of a Mobile Home or Manufactured Home,” must be provided in lieu of the tax status certification. Form MV-16T is to be completed by the transferors of the mobile home or manufactured home and provided to the transferee to be submitted with the completed application for a Pennsylvania Certificate of Title.

Rhode Island

Every deed, instrument, or writing which grants, assigns, transfers, or conveys the interest in any mobile or manufactured home must be filed with the recorder of deeds of the city or town in which the mobile or manufactured home is located, within 10 days after execution of that deed, instrument, or writing.

South Carolina

New or used mobile homes or manufactured homes must be titled. Owners must submit the previous title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, a $15.00 fee, and a bill of sale if the title does not have the Bill of Sale on the back.

No sales tax is required on mobile homes if it was purchased between individuals. The title fee is $15.00.

South Dakota

Any new mobile/manufactured home must, upon its purchase, be initially registered and titled. If the mobile/manufactured home is sold by a dealer, the dealer must deliver to the county treasurer the manufacturer’s statement of origin, the manufacturer’s certificate of origin or the title for the home, together with the required fees and completed forms necessary to accomplish the initial registration within 45 days of the sale.


A mobile home, when occupied, requires a certificate of title.

A mobile home or house trailer with a length exceeding 35 feet may not be moved upon the highways of the state unless the owner obtains a permit for such transportation.

A separate permit is required for each individual mobile home or house trailer.

A mobile home or house trailer that is assessed as real property or as an improvement upon land is not subject to registration requirements.


Manufactured housing is not defined as a vehicle under Texas law.


The owner of a manufactured home or mobile home shall apply to the DMV for a certificate of title if mobile home is not attached to any property, or an Affidavit of Mobile Home Affixture if the mobile home is attached to any property.

The odometer mileage does not need to be disclosed if: the vehicle is a single motor vehicle having a manufacturer specified gross laden weight rating (GLWR) of more than 16,000 lbs., or a motor vehicle registered in Utah with a GLWR of 18,000 lbs. or more; a motor vehicle that is 10 years old or older; a new motor vehicle prior to its first transfer for purposes other than resale.

An owner of a manufactured home or a mobile home previously issued a certificate of title who attached that home to property shall apply for an Affidavit of Mobile Home Affixture within 30 days of attaching to property.

The owner of a manufactured home or mobile home previously issued an Affidavit of Mobile Home Affixture who separates that home from the property shall apply for a certificate of title within 30 days of the separation, prior to any transfer of ownership of that home.


Mobile homes are not titled as vehicles in Vermont.


The owner of a mobile/manufactured home must register the vehicle with the DMV and obtain from the DMV a registration card and certificate of title.


The certificate of ownership for a manufactured home may be eliminated or not issued when the manufactured home is registered as real property. When the certificate of ownership is eliminated or not issued, the application for license must be recorded in the county property records of the county where the real property to which the home is affixed is located. All license fees and taxes applicable to the mobile home as a vehicle must be collected prior to recording the ownership with the county auditor.

When the ownership of a mobile home is transferred and the new owner applies for a new certificate of ownership, the DOL or county auditor must notify the county assessor of the county where the mobile home is located of the change in ownership including the name and address of the new owner and the name of the former owner. A certificate of ownership for a mobile home will not be transferred or issued until the DOL has verified that any property taxes due on the mobile home have been paid.

In order to transfer ownership of a mobile home, all registered owners of record must sign the title certificate releasing their ownership.

Any person moving a mobile home on public highways must obtain a special permit from the DOT and local authorities. A special permit will not be valid until the county treasurer of the county in which the mobile home is located has endorsed or attached his certificate to the permit certifying that all property taxes on the mobile home have been satisfied.

West Virginia

Mobile homes or manufactured homes are exempt from the annual registration, license plates, and fee requirements.


Mobile homes or manufactured homes built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling are exempt from registration.


Every owner of a mobile home is required to obtain certificate of title within 30 days of purchase, transfer, or bringing into the state.

If a mobile home is installed on a permanent foundation and is taxable as real property, the certificate of title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin, if any, must be surrendered to and canceled by the county clerk. However, the certificate of title will not be canceled unless all liens on the home have been released.

An applicant for a duplicate certificate of title for a mobile home must file an affidavit describing the loss along with the application. A duplicate certificate will not be issued until 11 days after the application is filed. The applicant must also deposit an indemnity bond with the state of Wyoming in an amount of not less than double the value of the mobile home.

Puerto Rico

Same as for motor vehicles.


(see Vehicle Registration)

British Columbia

(see Vehicle Registration)


(see Vehicle Registration)

New Brunswick

(see Vehicle Registration)

Newfoundland and Labrador

(see Vehicle Registration)

Northwest Territories

(see Vehicle Registration)

Nova Scotia

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Prince Edward Island

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