Child Passenger Safety

It is not permissible to operate a vehicle with a child passenger unless: (1) the motor vehicle is equipped with a child seating assembly; (2) the child seating assembly is properly installed; and (3) the child is occupying and properly secured in the child seating assembly.

It is not permissible to operate a motor vehicle on the highway with a passenger at least 6 years of age but under 16 years, or a child weighing more than 18 kg., occupying a seating position with a seat belt assembly unless the passenger is wearing the complete seat belt assembly.

A child from birth up to 9 kg. can be in either a rear-facing infant seat or a rear-facing convertible seat, used and installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

A child weighing 9 to 18 kg. must be in a child safety seat and be properly secured by using the vehicle seat belt and the child safety seat tether strap.

When a child is over 18 kg., an approved booster seat for the vehicle or the vehicle seat belt may be used.

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