Liability Laws

Vehicle insurance is compulsory for vehicles operating in BC.

The minimum third party legal liability insurance limit for passenger vehicles is C$200,000 exclusive of interest and costs indemnifying for legal liability arising from bodily injury or death to 1 or more persons, or loss of or damage to property in 1 accident.

Claims by residents or by tourists for damage to vehicles or injuries to occupants caused by ‘uninsured’ or ‘hit-and-run’ vehicles when operated on a highway in BC are payable by ICBC subject to a maximum of C$200,000. However, the payment to a tourist is limited to the lesser of either C$200,000 or the maximum amount that would be available, under similar circumstances, to a BC resident touring in the tourist’s home jurisdiction. All claims for property damage by a hit-and-run vehicle in BC are subject to a C$750 deductible.

Tourists visiting BC are required to produce proof of financial responsibility if their vehicle is involved in an accident in BC. In that case the tourist should be able to produce a “financial responsibility card.” The tourist should obtain the card before entering Canada. The financial responsibility card is obtained from the insurer providing the current insurance on the vehicle used by the tourist. That insurer must have undertaken to pay claims arising in Canada in accordance with the compulsory insurance laws in the jurisdiction where the accident occurs.

Tourists and non-residents can maintain their out-of-province insurance if the respective vehicle is licensed outside of BC and it complies with the BC licensing exemptions noted above.


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