Railroad Crossing

A driver approaching a railway crossing where a stop or warning sign has been erected must stop the vehicle: (1) not less than 5 meters from the nearest rail of the railway if the crossing is a restricted area; and (2) not less than 15 meters from the nearest rail if the crossing is not in a restricted speed area, and may not proceed until the driver can do so safely, until a traffic control device or flagman ceases to give warning of an approaching train or until a crossing gate is raised.

The driver of a vehicle carrying passengers for compensation, a school bus carrying children, or a vehicle carrying flammable liquids or gas, whether or not full, who is approaching a railway crossing must: (1) stop and look in both directions; (2) listen for signals indicating the approach of a train; and (3) in the case of a bus, open the door of the vehicle. The driver must not proceed unless the driver can do so safely.

It is not permissible to cross the railway tracks in a gear that needs to be changed while crossing the track.

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