Safety Inspection

Before a vehicle can be registered, an official inspection station must inspect it and issue a vehicle inspection certificate.

The Registrar may accept an inspection for a vehicle if the vehicle was inspected and received a vehicle inspection certificate and inspection sticker in another Canadian jurisdiction with which an agreement has been made to recognize and accept inspections.

The Registrar may accept an inspection for a vehicle that has passed an inspection in another jurisdiction where the registrar considers the inspection to be equivalent to Newfoundland’s and Labrador’s inspection.

The Registrar may permit the registration of a vehicle for which there is no vehicle inspection certificate when the vehicle is subject to periodic inspection under a preventive maintenance program approved by the registrar.

The Registrar can allow vehicle registration without an inspection if there has been a transfer of ownership in the following cases: (1) a genuine gift between family members; (2) under a valid separation agreement or court order; or (3) another situation that, in the Registrar’s opinion, renders an inspection unnecessary. Before granting an exemption the Registrar may require an affidavit setting out various particulars of the proposed transfer. Otherwise, a vehicle must always be inspected before it is transferred.

The Registrar, a police officer, or a traffic officer may demand a vehicle inspection certificate for a vehicle and the Registrar may suspend the registration of a vehicle which fails the inspection or where the vehicle owner fails to submit an inspection certificate within the specified period stated on the demand.

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