Title Application

The application for a certificate of title shall be made to the DMV on a form prescribed by the DMV.

The application for certificate of title shall contain: the signature of each person to be recorded on the certificate as an owner; the name, residence, and mailing address of the owner, or business address of the owner if the owner is an association or business; a description of the vehicle, including the make, model, body type, the model year as specified by the manufacturer; any other information required by the DMV to enable it to determine if the owner is entitled to a certificate of title; a statement of any lien or encumbrance on the vehicle; the names and addresses of all persons having any ownership interest in the vehicle; and if the application for certificate of title is for a new vehicle, it shall be accompanied by a statement by the dealer or a bill of sale showing any lien retained by the dealer.

An applicant for a certificate of title must provide evidence of: title or ownership evidenced by a properly assigned certificate of title or a manufacturer’s certificate of title if the vehicle has not been titled before. If the vehicle is from another state or foreign country that does not issue or require certificates of title, the owner shall submit a bill of sale or a sworn statement of ownership; payment of sales tax evidenced by a receipt from the DMV showing that the sales tax has been paid however, if a licensed dealer has made a report of a sale, no receipt is required; payment of all applicable fees; an identification number inspection; and an odometer statement signed by the transferee or automobile dealer.

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