Liability Laws

State has security-type law applicable in event of accident causing property damage in excess of $1,000 or personal injury or death; no judgment minimum.

Every driver of a motor vehicle must have a minimum insurance coverage of $25,000 for injury or death to any 1 person in an accident, $65,000 for injury or death to 2 or more people in any accident, and $15,000 for the damage to any property in 1 accident. Proof of financial responsibility required after driver’s license suspension or revocation or when department is notified that an uninsured owner or operator has been involved in an accident. Failure to show proof may result in suspension or revocation of driver’s license.

State has non-resident service of process law.

State has uninsured insurance law. Sale and purchase are mandatory. Benefits: medical and hospital, $3,000; wage loss, 85% of gross income up to $250/week for 52 weeks; substitute service, $20/day, maximum 365 days; funeral, $1,500; survivors, $3,000, 3-day waiting period for wage and service loss where total disability is less than 2 weeks.

State has no fault insurance law.

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