Title Application

The owner of every vehicle in the state shall possess a certificate of title as proof of ownership of such vehicle.

Application for a certificate of title may be made to the Tax Commission or any motor license agent.

The application for a certificate of title shall contain the following information: a full description of the vehicle; the manufacturer’s serial or other identification number; the motor number and date on which the vehicle was first sold by the manufacturer or dealer to the owner; any distinguishing marks; a statement of the applicant’s source of title, and any security interest upon the title.

If the vehicle is within the last 7 model years, a declaration must be added to the application if the vehicle has been damaged or stolen, if the owner did or did not receive payment for the loss from an insurer, or the vehicle is titled or registered in a state that does not classify the vehicle or brand the title because of damage to or loss of the vehicle similar to the classifications or brands utilized by Oklahoma.

To obtain an original certificate of title for a vehicle being registered for the first time, the applicant must provide a manufacturer’s certificate of origin, which includes the manufacturer’s serial or identification number, the date on which the vehicle was first sold by the manufacturer to the dealer, any distinguishing marks, including the model and year the mark was made, and a statement of any security interests upon the vehicle.

Out-of-state vehicles being titled in Oklahoma must be inspected prior to issuing a certificate of title. The inspection consists of a comparison of the vehicle identification number on the vehicle with the number recorded on the ownership records, and a recording of the actual odometer reading.

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