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Common Myths About Fuel Pumps

If you have a diesel-fuel vehicle and think it’s safe to fill up at any pump that has a green nozzle, think again. Here are some facts to help you: Diesel fuel and gasoline are dispensed through nozzles that may be green, black, red, yellow or any other ... Read More »

Tire Safety and Maintenance

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Tires Your tires are the only part of the car that has direct contact with the road. Tires affect your vehicle handling, ride, braking, and safety. For optimum performance, tires must have the correct air pressure, tread... Read More »

Car Care, Repair and Maintenance

As the motorist’s most trusted advocate, AAA knows that obtaining automotive service is a stressful experience for many vehicle owners. To help improve that experience, AAA offers many different resources to address auto repair concerns in a way that is bot... Read More »

Roadway Safety

In 2010, almost 33,000 Americans died in over 5.4 million police-reported motor vehicle crashes, according to NHTSA. That averages out to crashes causing the deaths of 90 people each day, one every 16 minutes. For more than a century, AAA has been working ... Read More »

Pedestrian Safety

Drivers and pedestrians alike share the responsibility of keeping themselves and others on the road safe. Many strides have been made by the Federal Highway Administration to increase pedestrian safety. Infrastructure improvements have added a variety of safe... Read More »